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April 08, 2018 1 min read


We love vintage fashion and we love creating BALANCE by combining vintage style jewelry with trendy outfits.

For many women, balance is a key concept in dressing.✨
You can create a balanced look by playing with colors and styles.

Let’s take a look at this outfit from head to toe:

👩🏻Head: No makeup & short hair (big earrings work best with short hairstyles👌🏻) 👂🏻Geometric dangle earrings by Vinty Jewelry, designed with an inspiration from the 1960s jewelry trends: large geometric shapes, pop art colors, big dangling earrings, resin materials. These earrings are edgy and they draw attention.

👚Top: A white simple t-shirt (neutral colors will work as well). Pairing neutrals with pops of color always work well (rest your eyes girls!). And they surely spot the colorful earrings out.

👖Bottom: Brightly colored pleated trousers - The color matches the earrings’ colors and gives energy to the whole outfit. If you want to give the leading role to the earrings alone, you can wear a simple colored top and bottom instead of this eye-catching colored vintage style trousers.

👠Shoes: Edgy / eye-catching / lilac shoes - their colors match with the earrings’ and pants’ colors and create harmony.

🎨How to use color to create harmony:

Colors in this outfit are the tints and shades of yellow-orange and blue-violet. These two colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. Using opposite colors create “Complementary Contrast”.

Blend the colors wisely in your looks, you will surely stand out!🌟